Awareness And Campaigns


The Syrian Youth Assembly is always working on raising awareness through online social networking sites and through the organization of specialized campaigns on specific issues and public awareness on issues of peace and the needs of Syrian youth, and all campaigns through the channels of our social media engines where we reach more than 300,000 followers.

The assembly also works on The Voices of Syrian Youth campaign, through which we were able to publish a lot of articles, photos, and videos written and designed by young Syrians specifically. This campaign contributed to give Syrian youth a safe space to share ideas, challenges, difficulties, and successes achieved by youth in Syria. Through the campaign, more than 200 young people participated.

The network of individuals – The Syrian Youth Assembly possesses a network for individuals made up of Syrian youth from around the world, and the number of members of this network reaches more than 60.000 young people, more than 54% of them are girls and more than 70% live in Syria, and the members of this network are contacted periodically through different means of communication.

The Assembly always aims at participating in international conferences, our teams participate in international and local conferences related to youth affairs, peacebuilding all over the world. The assembly works through these participants to communicate the voices of young people to decision-makers, awareness, and building companies.

The Assembly organizes a number of campaigns to support issues on youth, refugees, and women’s rights and cooperates with many international organizations in various campaigns.

The Assembly is a member of the #withrefugees coalition organized by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and campaigns on the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations and with The United Network of Young Peacebuilders.