Education and Development





Syrian Youth Assembly (SYA) is working on providing education opportunities

throughout its programs with the Virtual Education Websites verified amazing results,

and we are gladly offering you our programs.

coursera program

More than 60,000 young people had been submitted in Coursera scholarship over the last two years as a result of our partnership with Coursera platform, and get the benefit of it, which contains more than (4,300) various training courses such as “engineer, programming, health, design, science, and languages of the way of internationally accredited certifications.

And the beneficiaries spent more than (837,505) hours on the platform where it was registered more than (176,962) courses including the SYA programs.

All these numbers were documented in official reports from Coursera’s company and we are glad to offer it for any considerations research.

for registration, you need to visit the education platform of the Assembly for Coursera platform program from here.

Erasmus+ logo

The Assembly provided opportunities for participating in the European Cultural Exchange Program “+ Erasmus”, Where more than 300 young Syrian were able to participant in the program and exchange their experiences and opinions throughout many interactive sessions including internship workshops. In addition to a series of workshops and discussions about the progress of citizenship and peace.

duolingo english test

More than 100 seats have been provided by the Syrian Youth Assembly in the examination with all expenses

for more information and registration please visit the link here.

Alison logo

This program had been launched in the middle of May in 2020 and in this scholarship, we support programs that focus on professional skills and diplomas in many fields like technology, languages, science, health, anthropologies, math, marketing, and life skills.

and our plan is to reach (20,000) courses including the certificate in the period of the first 6 months.

for registration, you need to visit the education platform of the Assembly for Alison platform from here.

University of the people logo

More than 1,125 Syrian students had been granted bachelor degrees from the beginning of 2019 in many disciplines:

Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science.

You can register by moving to the education platform of the Assembly for the UOP Program from here.

entrepreneurship program

three online workshops had been done about entrepreneurship and  (68) students from Syria had been attended beside a workshop in Amman/ Jordan that included (13) students,

for that achievement, we are working on an annual plan that targets to reach (1,500) students in 2020.

We are more ambitious for more programs like what we worked on before such as the university program and the Kiron program.

for choosing the program or the right scholarship for you, you can visit the Education Platform for the Syrian Youth Assembly.

‎ from here.