meaningful participation

Organizing the participation of Syrian youth in the Syrian peace process that was organized through the United Nations in Geneva and building a space for youth to organize participation through public and international relations with stakeholders from the parties to the peace process and sponsors of the peace process at the regional and national level and support and empower young people to understand the different participation mechanisms based on the youth, peace and security agenda, and the Security Council resolution related to the peace process.

Build media and communication channels about all the details, news, and updates about the Syrian peace process in all its details and topics to ensure the integration of young people through their knowledge of what is going on about the peace process in its various details within the halls and negotiation rooms.

Organizing consultations on peace issues among Syrian youth and supporting the peace process with reports and recommendations submitted directly by the youth.

capacity building

Training and rehabilitation through informal education for youth within the Young Leaders for Peace program and training programs on negotiation and dialogue such as the debate club and the United Nations model.

Webinar sessions and online education on issues such as transitional justice and the social contract.

mobilizing and advocacy

Awareness and campaigns through social media.
Interest in translating research, studies, and articles related to the peace process and youth participation into Arabic to support Arabic content for Syrian youth.
Disseminating papers and research materials that can support increasing resources that discuss the situation of Syrian youth at the public and private levels to provide awareness to society through studies and strategic research, and to provide support to decision-makers on various issues.

Rehabilitation and training

We work with Syrian youth through a range of programs on issues of effective citizenship, dialogue skills, facilitation, nonviolent communication, advocacy and community leadership. These programs are available online or in different locations in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and within the EU.
By strengthening peacebuilding capacity of young people, we aim to enable them to be more effective in the work they do locally and thus to strengthen the voice of young people who work for peace.

Mobilizing Youth and Advocacy

Our teams mobilize youth, organizes youth civic engagement and campaigns to advocate for youth participation in the Syrian peace process.
Through our advocacy activities, we aim to formulate international policies and practices on peacebuilding, and to promote enabling environments for young peacebuilders working at local and national levels.

Involve youth in the peace process under the auspices of the United Nations

We are working on the participation of Syrian youth in the peace process within the civil society room of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, which is holding its work in Geneva.

Organize consultations, reports and recommendations

Over the past period, our team has worked on organizing questionnaires, interviews, youth consultations, reporting and recommendations to the UN and policy makers.

Debate Club

The Assembly organizes an online discussion club with Syrian youth and includes Syrian youth from Syria and abroad.

You can participate in one of these activities through direct contact with us via e-mail.