Individuals Membership

If you are one of the Syrian youth and you are between 18 and 29 years old and interested in participating in the first Syrian youth Assembly and would like to get in touch with many young leaders, networks, public relations, and decision-makers at the level of humanitarian or regional political action and International organizations, United Nations organizations, Syrian youth networks, participation in international youth conferences, and the provision and dissemination of research, studies or articles on Syrian youth and their delivery to the largest group of Syrian youth or interested in academic training in areas such as:

  1. Leadership and Management (Leadership Skills)
  2. Negotiate and discuss skills
  3. Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  4. The way of discussion and dialogue within peace talks
  5. Prevention of violence

And seeks to spread the voice of young people to deliver the voice of young Syrians and interested in the following topics:

  1. Inclusion of the voices of youth in the peace process
  2. Protecting young people
  3. End sexual exploitation
  4. Prevent extremism and recruit young people into extremist groups
  5. Preparing Syrian youth for the post-conflict phase

If you are interested, Write to us to: