Our Work

Peacebuilding Activities

During the past period, the Syrian Youth Assembly has worked with the Syrian youth to enable the active participation of Syrian youth in the Syrian peace process on the social and political level

Awareness and campaigns

Awareness and campaigns The Syrian Youth Assembly is always working on raising awareness through online social networking sites and through the organization of specialized campaigns.

Education and Development

We work on providing education opportunities throughout its programs with the Virtual Education Websites verified amazing results. and we are gladly offering you our programs.

Our Mission

The Syrian Youth Assembly is working with Syrian youth across boundaries to create a better and safer future for all based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 and 2418 on Youth, Peace, and Security. The Syrian Youth Assembly empowers young women and youth with Peacebuilding and SDGs knowledge; 21st-century skills and global citizen values to live in a peaceful and prosperous world.

Our Vision

We aim to organize and mobilize the Syrian youth, develop their skills and secure their basic needs of education, work and development in order to influence and participate in the Syrian peace process in the short term and mobilize support for peace and rebuilding Syria in the long term. We aim to achieve effective and sustainable development in the community through qualified cadres and effective partnerships working to implement a number of programs and projects professionally based on systems of transparency and integrity in both social, economic and cultural aspects.

Why Youth?

Before the start of the conflict, Syria was home to one of the youngest populations in the world. Around one-third of the Syrian population is between 10 and 24 years old. As the Syrian conflict enters its 9th year, the impact it has had on adolescence, youth, and women has been particularly devastating. Instead of entering an age of transition filled with learning, exploration, dreams, and ambitions, those groups have been continuously exposed to a brutal war, experiencing indescribable suffering through displacement and continued conflict, which impacts not only their present but also their future. Yet these young people will be responsible for the re-building of the country. Therefore, SYA believes that empowering and involving them on various levels is essential for Syria’s social, political, and economic stability and future.

Our Impact

1.Peacebuilding Activities

We are dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation at the grassroots in communities, by promoting


We believe youth have a vital role to play in leading social change and transforming conflict in their communities.


We believe in working at the grass roots, supporting youth to build on local strengths to help communities transform themselves into tolerant peaceful societies.


We believe peace is a process driven by active understanding, dialogue, and positive engagement with others, founded on trust and respect.


We believe social change begins with personal responsibility and is sustained when people are actively engaged in creating the shared future of their community.

2.We lead a Network of Syrian Youth with more than 90.000 young men and women.


  • Female
  • Males


  • 18 - 20
  • 21 - 24
  • 25 - 28
  • 28 - 33
  • 34 -35


  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • EU
  • Other


  • High School
  • Intermediate
  • Bachelor
  • Master

3.We are working on capabilities building for youth through

digital solutions, and this is what we have achieved:

Our Service providers

4.We provide psychological support and social counseling for young people

through various programs and projects.


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The Syrian Youth Assembly consists of individuals and youth organizations located around the world. Member organizations work in various fields, centered on spreading the culture of peace and non-violence.

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The members of the SYA are young people of the age group (18-35) and have previous or current experience with organizations and associations working in the social and field of work on issues of interest to young people.



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Your donation will help us to support syrian Youth with research, education and peace education.

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The Assembly is an organization accredited by the International Youth Federation / Accreditation Number: 1200, and member of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders based in The Hague Netherlands UNOY, and member of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth UNMGCY, and member of the Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium.

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