Now is the time to keep up with the competitors!

Now is the time … to keep up with the competitors!

Almost a month and a half have passed since the declaration of Covid-19 a global pandemic, which prompted many young people and adolescents to ask many questions, what should I do? What are the ways? Do I take a break or take advantage of this period and a lot of other questions.

In this article, I will not tell you to do traditional and well-known things that most activists call for.

I will be a little harsh in giving and presenting advice, because we as human beings are subjected to harsh periods in our lives and require us to treat them in kind. This period came on its feet to teach you that if you underestimated a lot and wasted a lot of time and went out to cafes and enjoyed with your friends for long and late hours in playing “Al Shadda” not to mention About spending long hours on social media.

Were you satisfied with yourself in the pre-Corona period?

I will answer this question not by speculation, but because I am from the youth group and I am deeply involved in this group, especially because I am working in the humanitarian and community fields.

You are not at all satisfied with yourself, at least during this period, and your sitting at home has proven that you were wasting time on things that are not useful to you in developing yourself, and perhaps if you were active in this wasted time, you would be in a different place from the place you are today.

It’s the right time … to be more productive and keeping up with your competitors.

Let me explain my goal, by asking these questions!

There are many websites and Online platforms that push you to participate in many educational, professional and cultural courses, which of course grant free certificates, how many are the videos and documentaries that motivate you to read a book every month, and how much will change after following their plans and programs in human development and how many “groups” are on Facebook invited you to join it in order to provide you with information, data, ideas, etc … perhaps for your benefit and maybe also for the sake of increasing the number of followers .. Everything is possible ..!

Of course, I do not deny the efforts made by these platforms, pages and websites, but my question here is … this unorganized chaos on social media and other sites, to what extent does it affect your productivity as a young man or woman seeking to develop their scientific and cultural level and get a job with a suitable salary, and these matters I mentioned is the dream and future of any young man and woman living in the Middle East.

Is this the right time to develop myself?

Yes, Ofcours!

It is the right time to read and change your mindset and your thoughts.

It is the right time to pursue your undergraduate or graduate studies even if the university has stopped.

It is the right time to learn a new language.

It is the right time to write an article or a scientific research in your field.

It is the right time to learn new computer skills.

It is the right time, but a very ideal time to increase your productivity, step ahead of your competitors, and take advantage of every minute of this time because it will not be repeated, and after a short period of time the countries of the world will announce the end of the pandemic and return to a normal, bustling life then you will always argue that there is no time.

Now you have plenty of time.

First: read and change your mindset and thoughts.

Books still exist, libraries still exist, research centers still exist, and Internet services still exist, but in a high place that short-minded people cannot reach. This is what the great philosopher John Locke said, not me.

Second: Continue your university studies.

This time period is not for a respite from university lectures, books and the voices of university professors. You must continue from the last academic level you reached before the quarantine, communicate with your professors at the university and follow their direct lessons on social media.

Take this small note, the university books have been written in a way that the student can read and understand it by himself, and the university doctor has only the role of a guide.

Third: Write an article or scientific research in your specialty.

Our need for scientific studies and research is increasing day after day, for science is in a frantic race to obtain the largest possible amount of accurate knowledge and what has been proven by the current period in which we live that the large and small countries alike do not spend on scientific research as they spend on buying weapons and building nuclear reactors. Therefore, try to write a paper or an article in your specialty and present it to your professor at the university.

Fourth: Learn a new Computer skill.

I will not tell you to follow the ICDL course, which is the International Computer Driving License .. I do not mean that!

In 2016 LinkedIn prepared a study on the most in-demand skills, as technical skills completely dominated the top ten of the most in-demand skills, so develop your technical skills required by the labor market. Advanced Excel, advanced word, or statistical analysis programs, to name a few.

It is the right time for you, on the individual level, not on the international level. You just have to isolate yourself and create a strategic plan with multiple goals and a clear timeline.

It is the time to keep up with your competitors and have the ability to surpass them in stages, noting that the competition process is not your goal, but rather your motivation to develop and continue in this fun and challenging educational process at the same time.

So in the end, I would like to tell you my friends, enjoy the journey of self-development and do not make it a burden on you, but rather an integral part of your life that is always in need of development, modernization and cruelty sometimes in light of the rapid changes and events in which we live.

Written by: Kenana Amoud.


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