Start with yourself

START WITH YOURSELF…Written by: Nada Alshikh

We have always emphasized the importance of a smile in the face of your friend and distant neighbor and helping others, and we are fully aware of the extent of love we feel when we help an adult or play with a small child. However, what made me re-mentioned these words is that I no longer see any effect of them on reality!

Perhaps, what attracted me to write this article was that we are aware of the importance of the individual in society, and the individual cannot grow separately from his community. He needs friends and family who stand with him when he is in pain and when he is happy, but what we do today is completely different from what we perceive and teach and different from its results that we know, but none of us is able to take the necessary steps to remedy the matter. The separation from our society and taking our mobiles as a friend in the morning and the night has made us introverted creatures, and by doing this, we destroyed every link that connects us to society despite our assertion that we use “social media”!

We are separated and far from each other even though we are sitting in one room! The nights, the lengthy conversation, and the grandmother’s stories no longer make any sense. Our improper use of these devices made us cancel the real communication link, which is stronger and higher than the virtual communication link, so friends sessions are not complete without the mobile phone and taking pictures, then we say that we are happy and the truth is that we sat with our phones nothing more! The examples go on. This separation also made us lose our connection with nature, so the sound of rain became meaningless if we “share the moment” on these sites.

Our separation from our real society and our drowning in virtual sites made us beings more intense, nervous, and attacked, and we walk in the street without ever smile in the face of our friends or our neighbors because we are communicating with our friend who is already on the opposite street. We have lost the happiness we were feeling, we sit in a wonderful garden so that we can enjoy the picturesque scenery, a child passes by and we do not caress him because we did not actually see him! It can be said that we “may” be embarking on an adventure, but every time we document the path of the journey! You should realize that you are completely inseparable from nature!

Try to forget your mobile phone one day and enjoy life, unite with nature, with its trees and birds, go to a far place without documenting the trip, listen to the sunset and keep the snapshot in your heart before your phone, try to live the moment without telling anyone anything!

Try to identify with the real things on your side, smile at your distant neighbor, and play with the little boy. These small actions can create a feeling of love in the soul of those you have affected, the moment is gone, yes, but the supreme feeling of love remains within you, for you. Start with yourself!

Written by: Nada Alshikh