The treatment by reading (Bibliotherapy) “novels” specifically!!

The treatment by reading (Bibliotherapy) “novels” specifically!!

A lot of people see that reading novels are wasting of time, and have no confident information nor facts, so it gave us nothing.

For that, some doctors describe the book and especially “novels” as a treatment of depression and for some psychiatric!!
but why “novels” specifically ؟؟
Because all novels revolve around people and their conflicts in life, in a way of romance, tragedy, and mystery novels…. etc.

In sometimes character problems are similar to our problems and conflicts, with a feeling rise inside us that we are not alone, and there are many like us, so that gives us peace and comfort.
reading novels as many studies show, can increase for the reader his skills in communicate with others and also from the ability of sympathy because novels force us on understanding the people in our reality in a better way.

Its one of the oldest treatment “ treatment by reading”, it have been found An old statement was found in a library in old Greece written on its door “a place for healing the soul|. stories and novels could change our thoughts and attitude, and sometimes reshape our characters, like what happened to me when I read the alchemist (novel) at the beginning of teenage time.

And the novels still my sociable in my loneliness and its one of the reasons that make me have good mental health despite every challenge I’ve been through.
Next time when someone mocks you because of your preoccupation in reading novels in your hands, you just tell him can you share your life, thoughts, secrets with me like the novels do? can you always be here to help me? can you make me feel that I am not alone with my suffering?

Reading can provide us a friend, a friend that shares with us the details of his life and adventures, it could turn to remedy. adapted by me.
This information was contained from The Guardian and Psychology Today magazine.


written by: Sarah faroun.

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