We achieves 1M hours of study in our Coursera program.

The journey of the Syrian Youth Assembly (SYA) began with the distinguished and diverse Coursera platform in offering educational courses since SYA’s inception, and both were linked in the minds of young people as two sides of the coin of success and achievement.

Through this partnership, SYA worked over the past three years to enhance the capabilities of young people and their professional and educational competencies alike, so their successes had a great resonance and a clear imprint.


OUR program

Today, the Syrian Youth Assembly celebrates the arrival of its beneficiaries from this partnership to one million study hours, with numbers of students exceeding 27,000 students, of whom 7,000 received the full mark in the courses which they enrolled, in addition to a cumulative evaluation rate of more than 4.7 / 5 of the students. Through their studies in important and basic disciplines in the acceleration of technology development in this era, such as programming languages ​​and data science, in addition to courses of self-building and developing personal and language skills, which opened up work and study opportunities for them in areas that interest them and are in line with their aspirations.

The Syrian Youth Assembly is proud of this great achievement, and wishes its students continued progress and success in all areas of practical and academic life.

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